Daily Lost Investment: Every day that GLBI is not in action Canada is losing $525,983,561.60 in poverty reduction.


What is GLBI.CA?

GLBI.CA is a massive collection of Resources, People, and Spirit towards Guaranteed Livable Basic Income in Canada

GLBI.CA is a forum of information and thoughts towards Guaranteed Livable Basic Income in Canada. It's mission is to gather as much information as possible, connect as many organizations together as possible, and give spirit and interactivity towards our Public Leaders in participating with constituents and others in our community.

What started as a simple Twitter account back in 2020 during the height of the pandemic, expanded into a website when enough data was gathered in which to form an opinion.

So I started writing a blog called For The Future, which all of the entries (up until the creation of GLBI.CA) are located in an archive called Founders Corner

In July 2020 when I found the first set of Parliamentary Budget Officer's reports on Basic Income I started studying GLBI instead of UBI. The interest of having a program that was cost-efficient, covered 85% of the working population, and helped to keep almost all households above the poverty line while encouraging growth was promising, so I kept at it. Asking questions, tweeting, calling offices, getting opinions, and more.

So I built a Dashboard at https://www.forthefuture.ca/who that has 1,216 names of MPs, Senators, MPPs, MLAs, MNAs, and if we have found a source that supports or dislikes Basic Income from them, trying to build a massive database that people can see visually, which shows our progress.

In April 2022, I started disclosing all of my data to Senator Kim Pate's office in hope of transparency with the Dashboard by adding one of her researchers. I am hoping this way, her office can have what's not considered an official source of data, but a piece that helps along the way.


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A few disclosures...

Everything on GLBI.CA should be considered either OPINION, Unverified, or Independent Research, unless a "Verified User" or Special Rank has posted and there is at least a verified source attached to the post. Usually GLBI.CA discourages the word "Official: " in the subject, however at times we have used this to show that we are directing to a Official source. These are usually things like the Budget or Program links as we have made sure they are going to that source.

We are not a Journalism Organization, however we may at times, post links to articles for reference, usually when it relates to content on the board. All copyrights and trademarks are of their respective websites and GLBI.CA does not guarantee their accuracy.

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