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Could BI eliminate the chance of Budget delays?

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Could BI eliminate the chance of Budget delays?

Post by Joseph »

Published: April 9, 2022

Could a Basic Income actually help to eliminate the chance of Budget delays? By removing the Basic Needs and Shelter portions of cash transfers from Provincial and Municipal Governments, with decreasing the administrative costs, it can help to slow down the amount of time needed for our Provincial and Municipal partners to disclose their finances.

Most Budgets include not only the estimated future costs of a program, but those of past expenditures, but also recovered funds like claw backs. Combined with the administrative time and cost, we can help to save Canadians time which can result in a great savings of interest on national debt with quicker and decisive budgets.

The sheer amount of programs we have has been growing over the years. Our administrative cost of the government along with the amount of time it takes for anything to get approved is slowing our progress as a world leader. We spend more time in our Government asking questions like “When are you going to answer X” instead of “This is how we can solve this” … We need to force our government into consolidating so there isn’t as many deflecting questions.

After spending Hundreds of Billions of Dollars in the last 6 months, we need to question if we are leaving our most-vulnerable to working class in the best position? Are we doing this efficiently and decisively. Instead, we are doing it at a slow immediate method.

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