Did they even ask for a new report?

GLBI.CA is a voice about Guaranteed Livable Basic Income in Canada.

Aren’t you tired of rising budgets but failing services? How about the constant trickle-down?

Over 20,000,000 Canadians would benefit from a GLBI in scenario 3. But what is this scenario 3 we speak of?

It’s when we lower the claw-back (how much is removed based on your or your households earnings) from an insane 50 cents on every dollar earned, to 15 cents. This means you keep 35 cents more for every dollar earned in basic income than they plan on now.

That makes a difference in how many dollars you can earn to stay qualified too. Year over year, it all adds up. It is also why there is so many Canadians who would.

So why aren’t you about you?

If we don’t take care of inflation, who will?

Inflation remains the foremost cost factor of 2024. GLBI is geared to inflation, but in a unique way. It’s geared to the median income of Canada, meaning as wages don’t climb nationally, the GLBI rises. If wages climb faster than the cost of living, then the GLBI wouldn’t raise as fast. GLBI incentivizes the government to keep you working.

Check out our Google Sheets Research on 2018-2024 GLBI Rates. It’s amazing to learn how many millions of Canadians have missed out on opportunities.

We’re updating the entire site.

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