The next report on GLBI is coming… What’s next?

GLBI.CA is your resource center to Guaranteed Livable Basic Income in Canada. By providing as much information as possible for you to learn how your future could be secure with GLBI and your choice of employment or societal contribution.

If we don’t take care of inflation, who will?

Inflation remains the foremost cost factor of 2023. GLBI is geared to inflation, but in a unique way. It’s geared to the median income of Canada, meaning as wages don’t climb nationally, the GLBI rises. If wages climb faster than the cost of living, then the GLBI wouldn’t raise as fast. GLBI incentivizes the government to keep you working.

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In 2023, Ontario Works is still at the same rate.
Adjusting to the 2021 LIM Ontario Works now sits at 33%.
CERB was a temporary solution to a nationwide work stoppage.
GLBI is about future prevention of stagnated wages and social programs.
The 5% raise was not good enough.


We’re all about Resources about GLBI.

Starting with reports from the PBO, Budgets from all the Provinces and Federal Government, reports from other organizations, authors, comparing rates and inflation targets we go in depth…

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