Helping up to 19,912,000 Canadian Households is key to the future…

GLBI.CA is your resource center to Guaranteed Livable Basic Income in Canada. By providing as much information as possible for you to learn how your future could be secure with GLBI and your choice of employment or societal contribution.

If we don’t take care of inflation, who will?

Inflation remains the foremost cost factor of 2022. When looking at rates of GLBI, the adjustment between 2020 and 2022 was 3.8% and 3.4% for households. Take a look today, at what you may qualify for based on your taxable income.

The forum is here

Our forum is full of news articles, references, opinions, and more. We’re still building it, and sure it looks really really old, but I promise, it’s full of current info, For example we encourage you to visit the FORMULA page and learn about GLBI in Canada.


We’re all about Resources about GLBI.

Starting with reports from the PBO, Budgets from all the Provinces and Federal Government, reports from other organizations, authors, comparing rates and inflation targets we go in depth…